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In an effort to support privacy policy disclosures, address public concern about the internet and promote a responsible use of this medium, has decided to help set an example for other major web sites by voluntarily making our privacy policy available to anyone who wishes to see it. We urge all other major web sites to do the same and to consider the proposition that such disclosures comprise an important part of the responsible use of the internet. Information
* is published by Express Design Group, Inc.
* Our postal address is: 623 N. Main St., Freeburg, IL 62243 USA
* We can be reached via e-mail at and User Information
* For each visitor to our Web page, our Web server automatically recognizes only the numeric IP address of the system you use to visit GreekPages (for example,'s numeric IP address is or the name of the machine you use to view our site (eg, From time to time we use this information solely to learn from which institutions and types of internet services people use to visit us. We do not collect infomation regarding either the visitor's personal identity or e-mail address. Additionally, we do not employ "cookies" to write additional information to your hard-drive nor do we employ any technology to investigate what other sites you may have visited.

* We do collect aggregate information on which users access or visit, which ad banners they select and browsers they use. This information is used to inform sponsors about their ads as well as help us to program the site so that a maximum variety of browser software types may be accomodated.

* When submitting feedback, coolsites or site additions and changes, the limited personal information volunteered by the user is used to notify you of successful implementation or a problem with your submission, respond to your messages and for internal review to improve the content of the website. Such information is then either deleted or stored internally. Under no circumstance is any information that we collect connected to, sold to, rented to or shared with any other list or database.

* Users who specificially request to be notified about updates to the site are sent mail by Constant Contact, which does not give out or sell this information). Constant Contact's policy on this matter may be reviewed by clicking here.

Anything Else?
We appreciate your taking the time to read this. If you have any further questions about our privacy policy or about GreekPages in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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