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YOU HELPED!! It worked...sort of.

Tired of all the bad press fraternities and sororities have received over the last few months? Some people don't think greeks look bad enough yet...and they want your help to make their point.

Once again an organization is working to stereotype fraternities as out of control groups on campus. RTV NEWS, INC., the company which produces the program "Real TV" has begun a campaign announcing its "college video competition." The solicitation asks students to send footage of "Greek Weeks" and "Wild Fraternity Parties" to be entered in the "competition."

We truly helped ourselves on this one.

Real TV has changed its promotion to simply a "college video" competition. While still painting a bad picture of college students, at least they're not picking out greeks as the prime targets of bad behavior.

Nonetheless, do yourself and your group a favor. Don't send them any video footage

GreekPages sends its thanks to Sigma Phi Epsilon's National Office for taking countermeasures against this show.

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