Defend Fraternities and Sororities.
Support H.R. 980!

We won!
On 7 October, 1998 President Bill Clinton signed HR 6, the Higher Education Amendments of 1998. Included in this bill were important provisions regarding student freedom of speech and association. It is now the law of the land that private schools which receive Federal funds respect the constitutional rights of their students.
Eternal Vigilance,
the price of
It still unclear whether some of these schools will relent in their efforts to eradicate fraternities and sororities from campus. Hopefully, they will abide by the law - sadly, they may not. With all of the negative attention surrounding the greek system it is imperative that we use our freedom wisely and constructively - let's not hand ammunition to those who /STRONG> attempt to roll back our victory and undo all that is good in our organizations.

Please continue to bring these issues and actions to the attention of your alumni, your National and to as we continue to work for our organizations.

Thanks for your efforts! and all of those who worked for passage of this historic legislation thank you for your letters, phone calls and faxes that have been sent - you made a difference..

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